What We Stand For

Our Vision and Aims

Young people face immense troubles in our society. We are confronted by unemployment, a lack of public provisions, impending climate change, various institutionalised discriminations, and a political system which refuses to change in response to people’s needs. In Northern Ireland, we often have to leave the country in order to find work, or in search of a less divided society.

These problems are all interconnected, and most cannot be solved by each of us individually. They require collective solutions, where we band together to change the systems and structures that affect and control our lives.

In the Young Greens, we’ve banded together to fight the inequalities and the problems in our society. In general, we’re guided by the four pillars of Green Politics- Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, Sustainability, and Peace. In this document, we’ll detail the problems in our society that we’re here to fix, and set out our vision for the world we want to create.

-Democracy & Power

The Young Greens will fight for a world where power is shifted from businesses and unelected elites to communities and people; we want a world where power is not bought, nor inherited.

Power for decision-making should be devolved, wherever possible, to the communities directly affected, and those communities should have the power to change the circumstances in which they live, as long as peoples’ rights in those communities are upheld.

Regulations on business and markets should be driven by the needs of society, rather than being driven by the interests of big business and corporate money-making.

The Young Greens will campaign for a society where the democratic will of the people is truly reflected in government policy; where the power of the state to oppress its citizens is radically diminished, and where powers of coercion and surveillance are not necessary. We will fight for net neutrality and the privacy of citizens.


The Young Greens will campaign for a living wage (a wage that is high enough to pay the cost of living) for all workers, and for a wage system which does not disadvantage the poor.

We want to see fair rents, which force no-one from their homes.

We will campaign for a world without the intense inequality of wealth and income that is present today; we want wealth redistribution to deal with this inequality. We do not support the current plans to reduce corporation tax in Northern Ireland, which would see more money go to big businesses and the richest in society, and less go to the people of Northern Ireland.

We want to see the introduction of a non-means-tested Basic Income, paid to all citizens, paid for by higher taxes on the rich and big businesses.

We will fight for a world that moves past capitalism, that does not economically oppress its people. We want to create a society and a world that is not engineered for profit.

-Social Justice

The Young Greens will campaign for a socially just world, which does not oppress its people for their gender, race, sexuality, or disability.

We acknowledge the existence of patriarchy in our society and seek active measures to improve the position of women, and to break down sexism. We will fight for a world with just treatment and equal representation of women with that of men.

We will fight for LGBTQ+ rights, following our comrades in the Queer Greens. We will fight for a world which includes, and goes further than, equal marriage. We want a world where trans* and intersex rights and lives are respected and accounted for in our culture and our healthcare system. We want cultural representation and recognition for all marginalised LGBTQ+ people.

We seek a world free from racism, cultural oppression and imperialism, where people of colour and ethnic minorities are represented, treated justly, and not judged for their race.

We will campaign for the rights of disabled people to live in an accessible world, which understands and makes allowances for disability, and which is free from stereotype and oppression.


The Young Greens want to see a peaceful world, free from the war and conflict which define much of modern global interactions today. As an internationalist organisation, we will campaign against war, and against the glorification of war.

We recognise that war is an oppressive force and wars are often fought to sustain oppression, or to pursue hidden agendas; we also recognise that using violence as a means of political activism often ends in fruitless war and conflict.

The Young Greens will take action against imperialism, against the arms trade, and against Trident and similar nuclear weapons systems, seeking to create a world without the military-industrial complex that sustains the business of war.


The Young Greens want to see a world where education is for the learning and fulfilment of students; for the pursuit of knowledge and skills which people want to learn, defined by those people’s interests rather than market forces and a search for jobs.

We want to see a comprehensive, integrated, publicly funded, secular education system for Northern Ireland, not segregated by test scores, gender or faith. We will work towards a world without tuition fees for higher education.

We will campaign for a world where students in secondary school have power in their schools, and where they are not subjected to standardised exams, which are stressful, de-humanising, and take away from the purpose of education.

We want to create a world where students at secondary school, colleges and universities have power in those institutions, to decide what they do with their education, and to hold authority figures to account.

We want to see a world where education is designed for people, and not to feed profit.


The Young Greens will fight for a world with free, accessible healthcare for all. We will campaign against current cuts to health services and creeping privatisation of the NHS, and strive to improve the quality of care, and better working conditions for our medical staff. Furthermore, in Northern Ireland 250,000 adults and 45,000 children and young people have a mental health need at any one time (1 in 6 of the population). We believe this is a travesty and will campaign for better facilities and allowances for mental health services.

We will work for a world where trans* healthcare is available and appropriate for people, and work with local trans* rights organisations to fulfil this goal.

We will fight for the extension of reproductive rights to Northern Ireland, where the current ban on abortions is having a massively detrimental effect on the health and wellbeing of women in need.

We support campaigns for an evidence-based drug policy, which treats drug abuse as a medical, rather than criminal issue, and which decriminalises those drugs which could have positive effects on patients’ standard of living.

We will campaign for a repeal of the blood ban on men who’ve had sex with men, which is currently in place in Northern Ireland.


We want to stop catastrophic climate change, which, in our lifetimes, would devastate the structures of our societies and disproportionately punish the poor, if it is not stopped.

We seek to make sustainable life choices available to everyone, and not just the rich. This includes making public transport and provisions for cyclists and pedestrians accessible, available and useful.

We want to make a society not based on oil or other fossil fuels, in terms of resources or finances- we support divestment campaigns from fossil fuels.

We acknowledge the current situation whereby rich capitalist countries exploit the global environment, to the detriment of poorer countries and their inhabitants, and will work to make a world where this power inequality does not exist.

The preservation and extension of natural habitats, and the shift from a carbon-based to a sustainable society will not only be better for people’s health and wellbeing, but is absolutely necessary to avoid disaster in the future.


The Young Greens will campaign on the basis of these aims for our world, and they will guide our activism and our action in the future, both within the Green Party and in wider student and youth campaigns. Following our principles, we will take the best course we can to achieving this world, mobilising and empowering young people, the disadvantaged, and the oppressed in a struggle for liberation, sustainability and democracy.