Join the Young Greens

Anyone aged 16 to 30, whether a student or not, is eligible to be a member of Young Greens. All members of the Green Party in Northern Ireland under 30 are Young Greens, and you will need to sign up via the Party to join us (though the vast majority of our events and activities are open to anyone).

When you join and pay your membership fee, your email will be added to our mailing list for members and we will keep you up to date with our meetings and campaigns. You must renew your membership every year or you will be no longer a member and will be taken off our membership lists.

You can join the Young Greens at any of our events or you can join online through the Green Party of Northern Ireland.

To join online, fill out the form to join the Green Party in Northern Ireland then pay the membership fee via paypal. Make sure to put in your age, as your details will only be sent on to us if you are below 30.

If you can’t join the Green Party for any reason but still want to be involved in Young Greens, send us an email through our contact form and we will talk to you about how to do that.