Don’t Cut Away Our Future- YGNI Statement on UU Cuts

It has recently been announced the University of Ulster will be closing its school of Modern Languages at its Coleraine campus, moving its Psychology department away from Magee campus. The University had previously announced plans to cut 210 jobs and 1200 student places in 2015/2016.The Young Greens would like to express our opposition to both job cuts and reductions in… Read more →

Young Greens’ Response to the Refugee Crisis- #refugeeswelcome

We need a humanitarian approach to the refugee crisis. Not nearly enough is being done by the UK or the EU to provide safety and security for those fleeing war and persecution. By refusing to help people, these organisations are denying them lives of security, peace, and stability.     Steven Agnew, Green MLA, said today: “There has to be… Read more →

Young Greens’ Response to QUB Senate Decision on “Good Academic Standing”

In response to QUB Senate’s recent decision to overrule the QUBSU’s removal of the ‘good academic standing’ rule for students running for election to the sabbatical Officer posts in the university:The Young Greens are immensely disappointed and angered by the QUB Senate’s decision to overrule the democratic will of the students by blocking a policy that was voted on by… Read more →

QUB SU Referenda on the 27th of October

On the 27th of October the QUB Students’ Union will be holding two referenda regarding the Students’ Union’s stance on the constitutional status of Northern Ireland. One referendum will question “Should Ireland be a united and independent country?” with a Yes/No answer while the other will ask “This Students’ Union is a shared space that is inclusive for all students… Read more →

Welcome to the new Young Greens NI website!

Hello there! As the Young Greens in Northern Ireland grow and spread across the country, it seemed sensible to set up a website where people can keep up to date and find out a bit more about what we do. It’s obviously a work in progress, but at the minute it has a functioning calendar (with event pages for every… Read more →