Welcome to the new Young Greens NI website!

Hello there!

As the Young Greens in Northern Ireland grow and spread across the country, it seemed sensible to set up a website where people can keep up to date and find out a bit more about what we do. It’s obviously a work in progress, but at the minute it has a functioning calendar (with event pages for every event), a contact page to email us as well as links to our social media, a signup form to the Young Greens NI mailing list and instructions on how to join the Young Greens.

Other things that we’re working on include¬†a resources page where we can share some useful websites relating to all sorts of things, including our sister-groups of Young Greens, mental health resources, community groups in Northern Ireland, and a lot more! We’re hoping it will be really useful but to make it useful takes some time and work, so it will be updated slowly but surely. We also would love to get your suggestions for it, so use our “get in touch” form to send us any suggestions of resources that might help Green-minded young people in Northern Ireland. We’re also working on collating our policies into simple points so that people who don’t know much about Green politics and ideologies can find out a bit more about what role they play for young people. We’ll also be posting some summaries and photos from different events and possibly opinion pieces/blogs based on current events.

After we get those set up, who knows? We’d really love to get ideas from you on what would make a good addition to the website, so let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions!

Enjoy the website and share it around!