Young Greens’ Response to the Refugee Crisis- #refugeeswelcome

We need a humanitarian approach to the refugee crisis. Not nearly enough is being done by the UK or the EU to provide safety and security for those fleeing war and persecution. By refusing to help people, these organisations are denying them lives of security, peace, and stability.


fyeg refugee


Steven Agnew, Green MLA, said today:

“There has to be a humanitarian approach to the refugee crisis that is unfolding before us.

“We need to understand many of these refugees are risking their lives to escape extreme poverty, oppressive regimes and conflict.

“The UK, and indeed the island of Ireland are safe and secure for those fleeing war.

“I call on the Prime Minster David Cameron to ensure the UK steps up and offers refuge to those seeking sanctuary.

“We need to look at the causes of such crises including the role UK foreign policy has played.

“We need to look at how we can offer hospitality to refugees in the short term, while a long term solution is enacted”.


The Federation of Young European Greens has said in the past:

“Our Europe is based on solidarity. On the equal value of every human being. On the lessons we thought we had learned from our own very dark past.

“In practice, this humane Europe means concrete measures. It means binding quotas. It means humanitarian visas. And it means many other things.”


The Young Greens in Northern Ireland join the call for humanity and compassion in accepting refugees, and providing shelter and security for those fleeing their homes.


The FYEG’s policies on migration and asylum, adopted at their June 2015 Conference in Tbilsi, Georgia, can be found here:!.pdf